23 Stories 15 – Interview with Stephen Moore, AV Browne Group

Stephen Moore is the Creative Director for the AV Browne Group and has been the visionary on the branding team for the Grand Central Hotel, responsible for everything from the look and feel of the brand to the development of the logo and fonts used on the signage and promotional materials.

In this short interview, Stephen gives us an overview of what the branding reflects and the rationale for the design, in particular, the significance of the Seahorse emblem. Stephen refers to the inspiration from the original Grand Central Hotel which was a symbol of confidence in Belfast back in the 19th and early 20th century and he also discusses how the branding encompasses Belfast’s maritime heritage and portrays a quiet confidence in Belfast’s future, its people, its food and those things which the city is now becoming more famous for.

For further information on the Grand Central Hotel visit https://www.grandcentralhotelbelfast.com/

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