Dry January Inspiration with our St. Annes’ Mocktail

Named after Belfast’s historic St Annes’ Cathedral, this tantalising non-alcoholic cocktail combines fruity flavours with zesty undertones to create a refreshing fruity mocktail to be enjoyed alongside panoramic views of the city.


35 ml Apple Juice

15 ml Mixed Berry Cordial

35 ml Cranberry

1 Lemon

15 ml Seltzer

*To make the cordial: In a pot, add 3 cups of sugar, 3 cups of mixed berry puree, 3 cups of boiling water – bring to boil to dissolve sugar and turn into a cordial.


  1. Add Apple Juice, Cordial, Cranberry and Seltzer to the shaker.
  2. Shake with ice
  3. Strain in to tall glass with long ice sphere (Use cubed ice if needed)
  4. Take the zest of a whole lemon and cut into serving pieces (This helps give off aroma of fresh lemon to the garnish) – Add slice to top of drink

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